All Canadian Volleyball Association (CVA) rules apply, except where mentioned below.

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1. Registration will be posted not less than two weeks prior to the tournament. Registration to the tournament is on first payment received first entered basis. Post-dated checks are accepted. They must be post-dated one week before the tournament. (NOTE: CVNS reserves the right to “bump” teams to other divisions based on current registration and standings.)

2. Entry feeĀ  is $120.00 per team and can be found at (Updated Oct. 17, 2021)

3. Tournament cancellation policy is as follows: 6PM the Wednesday the week of the tournament. Teams must contact the Registrar to cancel.


1. All players must be at least 19 years old.

2. A team must have three men and three women on the court at all time.

3. A player may play on only one team at any given tournament within a division. (amended September, 2011)

4. A team which does not have six players to start the tournament is said to have defaulted all games (0-25) unless and until the 6th player shows up and plays a full game.

5. A team may play with less than six players without defaulting, ONLY if a team member is injured during the tournament and no substitutes are available.

6. Skill Level: A maximum of 2 players of current Senior “A”, Senior “AA”, College or University may play on any given team in the Super Rec division.

7. A team that defaults two tournaments in a row will not be permitted to play in the next tournament.


1. The net is set halfway between the Men’s and Women’s heights.*

2. All round robin matches are two games to 25 points or 15 minutes time limit.

3. No game ends in a tie. The team with the right to serve when the time runs out must choose whether to serve or receive serve. The winner of the rally wins the game.

4. Each team is permitted one time out per game. The time clock will be stopped during time outs.

5. Should time run out while the ball is in play, the play continues until the ball is dead and the point or side-out is awarded.

6. No match shall end in a tie. A rally point will be played to decide a winner of the match.

7. Substitutions: Sub freely only in the #6 position, after the serve and the next rotation.*

8. A team designated to officiate a match must provide a referee, score/timekeeper, and two lines persons. The scorer/timekeeper is responsible for recording the scores at the end of the match. The referee has the power to decide any matter involving the game and his/her decisions, based on the rules, are FINAL. Abusive language and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Referees who experience trouble should report the offenders to the Court Representative. Teams can be suspended. Only team Captains may address the Referee. Teams who miss their turn to officiate or fail to supply the necessary officials may not register for the next tournament.

9. Only a TWO MINUTE WARM-UP is permitted between matches. The Referee is responsible for getting the match started on time. (A 5 minute warm-up is allowed for your first match of the day.)

10. Any team not ready to play within 5 minutes of the start time that the match, automatically defaults the first game of the match, 25 – 0. If the team is still not ready to start 10 minutes later, they default the second game 25 – 0.

11. Penetration Under The Net: To touch the opponent’s court with any part of a players body is not permitted, though penetration above the centre line is allowed provided that this does not interfere with the opponents’ play.


1.Round robin standings are determined by adding match points. The following steps are to be used in the event of a tie:

– if 2 teams are tied, the winner of the round robin match will prevail

– if 3 or more teams are tied then points for and against are totaled (only for the teams in-question) and the highest differential (+ -), will determine the standings

– if still tied, then points for and against are totaled from all matches

– if still tied, a coin toss determines the winner or standings

NOTE: When determining the differential (+ -), no points are calculated involving any team that has defaulted (even if 1 game). That is, for the purpose of tie breaking, simply disregard that team from the round robin.

Teams breaking any of the following rules are said to have defaulted: General (1,2,3,6,7)


1. The playoffs (quarter, semi, and finals) will consist of ONE game to 25 points (must win by two points e.g. 26 to 24) to a maximum of 27 (e.g. 27 to 26). Teams change courts when one team reaches 13 points.

2. Each losing team of the two semi-final matches must provide two officials for the final match. The only exception to this rule will be in the event that one court is a game or more behind. The losing team in the slower court will provide all four officials for the final match.

* Not applied to Super-Star format


1. One court will have the net set at women’s height, the other court at men’s. One game will be played with the net at men’s height, the other at women’s.

2. Males cannot play front row on the women’s net. However, women are permitted to play front court on the men’s net (due to an injury) but, must play that position for the whole set.

3. Substitutions: Sub freely.

4. There are no positional faults. In other words, players may be in any position on the court during service.

5. Male players may not jump serve on a women’s height net.

6. Back row attacks by male players on the women’s height net are only permitted if the male player puts an upward trajectory (arc) on the ball.

7. Teams must start the day with 6 players. Teams can play with 5 players after the start as there is no advantage. If the 5 is composed of 2 guys and 3 girls, a girl can move to the front row when the men are in the front.

Notes for all Divisions:

An attack hit is completed at the moment the ball completely crosses the vertical plane of the net or is touched by an opponent. A back-row player may complete an attack hit from the front zone, if at the moment of the contact the ball is not entirely higher than the top of the net.

A back-row player may complete an attack hit at any height from behind the front zone provided that at the time of his/her take-off, the player’s foot (feet) has neither touched nor crossed over the attack line.

Last Revised: Oct. 17, 2021