February 2017 Tournament Information

Feb 3, 2017

Hey everyone, a quick reminder that this month’s tournament will be happening over 2 weekends with Super Rec playing at Stad THIS weekend (Feb 4) and Competitive playing next weekend (Feb 11).

Registration pages will be updated when I have received the full team lists.

A quick note on 2017…

Jan 11, 2017

Hey everyone,

Please be sure to check the Tournaments page to make sure you know when you’re playing in the upcoming months… this is especially important for Competitive players!

January 2017 Tournament Information

Jan 4, 2017

Welcome to 2017 CVNSers!

The first tournament of 2017 is THIS weekend at Auburn for Competitive and Stad for Super Rec. Check the registrations page to see where you are playing!

December 2016 Tournament

Dec 1, 2016

The final tournament of the calendar year happens this Saturday. Competitive plays at Auburn, Super Rec is at Stad.

Both gyms will have fundraiser canteens, so be sure to be in your giving mood, ’tis the season after all…

November 2016 Tournament

Nov 3, 2016

Teams have been posted for this Saturday’s tournament. Super Rec is at Stad, Auburn hosts Competitive!

October 2016 Tournament

Sep 28, 2016

Hey everyone,

The first tournament that affects the year end standings is happening this weekend. Stad will host Super Rec and Competitive will be at Auburn.

Following this weekend’s tournament there will be a social at the “Middle Deck” of the Lower Deck, that should function much like the last social we had there! Hope to see everyone out! Good luck this weekend!!

May 2016 Tournament Information

May 4, 2016

The last tournament of the year is happening THIS Saturday, May 7th! Competitive will be at Auburn, Super Rec plays at Stad. Check the registrations page to make sure you’re playing!

Also: Details for the year end CVNS social have emerged!

The party will be from 9pm-2am at the Argyle! There will be a DJ and prizes for the Competitive and Super Rec team winners. We’ll be selling 50/50 tickets throughout the bar for the duration of the social! Stay tuned for more updates!

There will also be an after party at Taboo, for which CVNS will have free cover.

April 2016 Tournament

Mar 31, 2016

Hey everybody,

the penultimate tournament of the year is upon us where Competitive will play at Auburn and Stad will play host to Super Rec. It goes without repeating, but I’m going to repeat it anyway, the tournament will begin at 9am SHARP! Be there or be… forfeiting? Please check the registrations page to make sure you’re registered.

Quick reminder that after the final tournament next month, there will be another social. Judging from the success of the social in March, it is sure to be a rocking good time.

March 2016 Tournament and Social

Mar 3, 2016

Hey everyone,

Apologies on the delay for getting this information to you so late in the week. First things first, Super Rec will play at Stad on Saturday and Sackville High will host Competitive. See you on the court!!

At Stad there will be a canteen fundraiser for a young people’s volleyball team… I don’t know more than that, but bring your change and support these young volleyballers!

… and after the court, the good stuff! There will be a CVNS Social happening after the tournament on Saturday night. The party will be happening at the Lower Deck, where CVNS players will get free cover (just say you’re with CVNS at the door… we’re kind of a big deal), a reserved seating area, a private bartender, and can order food from the kitchen until 11pm. The winners of the tournaments will also be receiving $25 Lower Deck gift certificates as prizes.

February 2016 Tournament

Feb 3, 2016

The February CVNS tournament is happening THIS Saturday, February 6! This is our annual “fundraiser” tournament, where we donate proceeds to a charity. Once the numbers are in, the information will be posted right here on CVNS.org!

Super Rec will be playing at Stad, while Auburn is home to the Competitive division. Check the registrations page to see where you’re playing!

Some housekeeping: You’ll notice that the CVNS webpage has changed. This should make it easier for you to browse the site, especially on your phone. If there’s anything missing that you think should be here, please post to the CVNS Facebook Page.

After next month’s tournament there will be a famous CVNS Social. Details are still trickling in, but be sure to check back soon for more information.

Please be aware that the tournament is to start at 9am SHARP. This is especially important for Competitive, but especially important for Super Rec. Captains will be called this weekend at 8:50am and the first game will start at 9am. If your team is not there and ready to play, too bad, no shifting. You will have the allotted time to get your team there and will forfeit according to the rule. You could be refereeing the first game too, so be there on time. Super Rec loses the third court at 3PM, and there’s really no reason for us to not be wrapped up on that side by then anyway.