For this month we will have 2 waves of Super Rec and 1 Wave of Competitive. Here are the gyms and times for those who registered. Gyms are open at 830am and first serve is at 9am. This is important as we will have 5 teams in each wave. Competitive division and 1 Wave of Super Rec will be held at Auburn High School. The other Super Rec wave will be held at Halifax West High School.

Auburn High School

Competitive Wave 1 – 9am Start – Justine, Alex, Sophie, Brian, Jenna

Super Rec Wave 1- 1pm Start – James, Rene, Allison H., Rob D., Graham

Halifax West High School

Super Rec Wave 2 – 9am Start – Anita, Jess, Peter, Chelsea, Stephen K.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact your court reps. Have a great day!