For this month we will have 3 waves of Super Rec and 1 Wave of Competitive. Here are the gyms and times for those who registered. Gyms are open at 830am and games start at 9am. Competitive Wave 1 and Super Rec Wave 1 will be held at Auburn High School. Super Rec Waves 2 and 3 will be held at Halifax West High School.

Auburn High School

Competitive Wave 1 – 9am Start – Stephen Keefe, Alex Barrett, Allison S.

Super Rec Wave 1- 1pm Start – Karim, Graham, Chelsea, Rene

Halifax West High School

Super Rec Wave 2 – 9am Start – Anita, James M., Scott, Robert P.

Super Rec Wave 3 – 1pm Start – Allison, Peter, Robert D., Stephen Ka.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact your court reps. Have a great day!